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The semiconductor industry analysis (1002 1005)
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MAO (TW) of 6138 in busy season effect,, and new products, big customer master is better, 9, 10 month estimated performance will be continuous historically high peak will continue until the state, to November.

In addition to the PC industry peak season in new products, the effect of with vista, including new specifications of the audio amplifier IC, cooling fan driver IC and so on the new product delivery in succession to join ranks; In addition, including asus, elite unit, such as customers, RenBao, large shipments also has steadily rising, make the MAO of August into traditional busy season, revenue of 165 million yuan by the somewhat jumped to 236 million yuan, mom + as high as 42.8%, a record on September 2.6 ~ 270 million yuan, mom + 10 ~ 14%. The order and customer reaction to October, revenues have approached 300 million dollars opportunities, and the performance of previous years, can continue to trend climax to November. In the first half performance of metallocene by not good, price up, cost rise packages, gross margin influence slid to 23.91%, but in the performance, the estimate of MAO in the second half of the gross profit margin will be available for pick up to 25 ~ 26% annual earnings per share may be only about 2 yuan, up and down, but MAO of power management IC part, already by linear IC, voltage, high levels of IC into the power switch fields, products more competitive, and new products to ascend, push the proportion of gross margin next year eps have a chance to 3 ~ 3.5 yuan, can meet low pay attention to.

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