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The United States to complete the brain implants to experiment with thought control computer
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According to the USA today "report, a 25, the former quadriparesis high school football player in June this year, the skull was implanted in a bottle caps, the size of the chips from this chip grounded out 100 small sensor and a wheelchair or a computer connection, so that he could only use thoughts to manipulate affairs, even playing computer games.
In a breakthrough test is of profound significance. Last week, the test of early results have been released the natural medical school.
This year just get the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) approved Cyberkinetics biomedical company, will the neural technology system, development of a kind of tiny chip implanted into the senior high school students of the brain. Cyberkinetics company said, now the man can be used his thoughts to control computer, TV and E-mail, even playing computer games "Pong" accuracy reached 70%, the attending physician Jon. Mourinho said: "the patient's camp that this unit is completely changed his life."
After the FDA approval, Cyberkinetics company has been allowed to do this year four cases of this procedure.
Cyberkinetics company the technology called "forehead" (BrainGate), it more than help paralyzed patients before all the effort. This technology can from a series of neurons, and read the signals the neural signals into computer into action. This may cause the future artificial limbs, like normal body work as.
Some experts believe that the future technology may also be added to the helmet or other device, can be in the brain can read information neurons. U.S. defense advanced research projects agency technology is now funds to the study. They imagine the future one day to be able to use it on in the pilot, that they use only thought can control some operation.
Cyberkinetics technology from the monkey of similar test. Researchers in the monkey's brain implants, let them play simple computer game, use the mouse pointer chasing screen window for food, reward. When the monkey play the game, the researchers used a computer read from the chips the return signal, and looking for certain patterns. From some mode, the researchers decided to signal to the right or to the left, means that up and down. Later, the researchers removed the mouse, find monkeys can completely thinking to pursue window.
The technology for paralyzed patients brought good news is self-evident, a control thoughts can make the computer control freely, patients can therefore don't have to learn new survival skills
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