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Shenzhen Avantech industrial Co., LTD was founded in 1996, is many famous international semiconductor manufacturers in China agent and distributors. The company professional distributor: NEC, SANYO, ANPEC, ST, TI, XILINX, IR, MAXIM, DALLAS, international well-known ON semiconductor products, application field involving CPLD/FPGA all kinds of high and low field programmable logic technology, the highly effective digital signal processor (DSP) and APM, optical transceiver and so ON, the product applications cover network communication, industrial control equipment, pabx, instruments and meters, security manufacturing, power battery and consumer electronics, etc.

In order to meet the demand of the development of the company in 2010 alliance domestic several first-class research institutes cooperation to develop new products, and successfully developed analog-to-digital conversion chip. It is mainly used in the digital offset and gain adjustment, mechanical and motion control equipment, large capacity storage equipment, programmable voltage and power control, portable battery supply equipment, chemical sensors, etc.

Our aim is to: agency to enter the market, to the technology firm market, to the quality guarantee market, customer achievement market! And the masses of customer's friends hand in hand, together for society, create more value and wealth!

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